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The Concert of Dolichol-Based Glycosylation:

From Molecules to Disease Models


The research consortium FOR 2509 is funded by the German research foundation (DFG). It joins experts in N-glycosylation, C- and O-mannosylation, in structural and lipid biochemistry, in proteomics, glycoproteomics, glycomics and lipidomics, as well as in developmental biology which aim to understand the molecular pathology of dolichol-based glycosylation disorders. You will find here all relevant information about the group leaders, their projects and the activities of the group.



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Participants of the 1st Annual Meeting of the Research Unit FOR2509 at the Monastery Hoechst

Latest News

New publications

– A new method for the cultivation of fish fibroblast cells has been developed by Lars Beedgen from the group of Christian Thiel in collaboration with the group of Jochen Wittbrodt and Thomas Thumberger. The paper entitled „A rapid and simple procedure for the isolation and cultivation of fibroblast-like cells from medaka and zebrafish embryos and fin clip biopsies“ published in Laboratory Animals is now online. We congratulate Lars and coworkers for the important method development!

– We congratulate Andreas Hüllen from the group of Christian Thiel for his groundbreaking work on CDGs with fucosylation defects. In collaboration with Rene G Feichtinger, Andreas gained insight into a new glycosylation disorder – CFUS-CDG – which were implementation in therapy. The paper entitled „A spoonful of L-fucose—an efficient therapy for GFUS-CDG, a new glycosylation disorder“ published in EMBO Molecular Medicine is now online.  Please check out the press release  of the Heidelberg University Hospital. Andreas second paper entitled „Congenital disorders of glycosylation with defective fucosylation“ published in J Inherit Metab Dis is also online.